Saturday, 2 June 2007


although it came as a pleasant surprise from the CRP news release about Valerie's reinstatement, we should not be much carried away by that. quite often bureaucratic statements are made to camouflage the truth. even if we trust Mr. Nurul Haque's claim, still its hardly conceivable why should there ever be any 'confusion and misunderstanding' regarding Valerie's position and contribution to CRP? the statement doesn't provide any clue either about what will happen to those who triggered all the troubles and sucked awful lot of money from CRP in the name of humanity? more importantly, HOW CAN WE STAND BEFORE VALERIE AFTER ALL THESE? THE WHOLE THING MUST HAVE ALREADY PIERCED HER WITH UTTER HUMILIATION AND DEMORALISATION. what can we do about that?

we must not halt untill we see 'them' miles miles away from CRP and with due punishment.

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