Friday, 1 June 2007


In a televised news of ATN and NTV, a source from CRP has reported that Valerie has been reinstated to CRP with full authority. we are still not sure whether its factual or not.


save said...

Thanks for your very nice blog page.
we should not stop our campaign in this stage. Cause Ms.Velerie might will get a showcase designation, but it will not help her to ensure the treatment facility for the poor people.

we must continue our pressure to kick out all highly paid bastard form CRP,and to ensure that Ms.Velerie will get all the control in her own created organization.

Arif Jebtik
(save the CRP campaign)

দ্রোহী said...

I think save-crp campaign have said something very important!

We have to know exactly whether those bastards would be in the advisory position or not. I am afraid, if those bastards remain in the committee, then Valerie might have a showcase designation as Save-CRP campaign said.